Appeal Rulings
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Since the coalition government tore up 1,000 pages of planning regulations in 2010, there has been uncertainty over planning, lading to a flood of speculative housing applications in Cheshire.

There are now well roughly 1,000 pages of government 'guidance' on planning and well over 1,000 pages of appeal rulings.

I set out above links to my comments on some local appeal rulings.

The appeal hearings on White Moss Quarry, Gorstyhills and Holmes Chapel all happened since teh approval of the Cheshire East Local Plan. In short the results were

Holmes Chapel - development allowed for 10 houses on a green gap site. It was acknowledged that this application breached Local Plan and the relevant draft Neighbourhood Plan, but the Plans were over-ruled  because Cheshire East needs affordable housing.

Gorstyhills - development rejected because the application breached the Local Plan. Cheshire East was found to have a 5-year housing land supply.

White Moss Quarry - development rejected. However the ruling cast doubt over whether Cheshire East has a 5-year housing land supply. This application was rejected because most of the 400 houses would not be built within 5 years, so would not assist significantly with the 5-year housing land supply.